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Reactive Much?

Posted by John Drew on

I’m sorry. There’s just no excuse to be reactive with Risk.

If you’ve ever looked at your smartphone for the weather…

…then you’ve been forward-thinking with Risk. 


If you’ve ever done a SWOT analysis…

…then you’ve been forward-thinking with Risk. 


(my apologies if I’m starting to sound like Jeff Foxworthy)

Sounds simple – but it’s true.


If you ever look at your in-dash traffic GPS, or traffic app on your phone, or (let’s go back in time, here) have listened to the traffic report on the radio before leaving for work…

…then you’ve been forward-thinking with Risk. 


What’s that? Your Risk “department” is operating without a clear Risk appetite and Risk heat map?


They don’t have a clear understanding of the Bank’s short-term and long-term goals and strategies?


…then you might be reactive with Risk.



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