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Should You Invest in Risk?

Posted by John Drew on

Investing is risky. By its very nature it almost has to be, right?

So, investing IS risk... But what about actually investing IN Risk?

(the irony…)

What’s the antithesis of investment…? Sunk costs?

Hmmm.. sunk costs... Now, that sounds like a lot of ERM I’ve seen far too often…

Let’ be clear, I don’t profess to be an investment guru… But in a general sense, I would imagine that under-investing, or simply letting your investment ride in anything, is probably far from optimal.

And I would imagine the same would be true for investing without intelligent forecasting and relevant data; or without matching it to your risk appetite and personal goals…

Now you’re just left with reacting to the risk itself.

Or put another way, risk manages you.

And there’s no freedom in that.

So, again, should you invest in Risk?

You tell me… is every recession the same?

Should you treat it the same? Of course not.

That’s insanity.

And more than that, there’s plenty of optimization and growth to be had by the savvy investor.

You want true risk?  Treat it all as an expense and don’t invest.

Or call us.

Our Risk Investment Gurus are happy to advise.



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