The Art of Strategic ERM™

The correlation between risk and reward

Harnessing it means preparation, clear objectives, and a solid plan that fits your risk appetite. It strengthens your goals and gives you the freedom to focus on what matters most.

No matter how high the climb.


    OnPoint exists because straight-forward, strategic, and disciplined Enterprise Risk Management is what’s needed for today’s needs in the financial space.

    We fully understand the challenges that today’s bankers face with managing risk and we take a straight-forward approach to each client with comprehensive application driven by their business culture and objectives. We also understand demands on time, resources, and pressures bankers face to deliver results.


    OnPoint Risk Advisors is a consulting and advisory firm that focuses on assisting financial institutions with strategic – and often neglected – optimization of their enterprise risk management practices.

    The OnPoint team includes experienced banking professionals who take disciplined ERM practices to a strategic art form. Our OnPoint advisors have strong expertise in ERM, Credit, Operations, Market, Internal Audit, Compliance, and Technology risk management.


    The OnPoint team of experts consists of banking professionals with an average of 30 years bank risk management experience, and industry advisors and trainers of over 400 state and federal bank examiners. Our leaders have implemented risk management programs in institutions with up to $50 billion in assets.

    We believe there is no one-size-fits-all template for adequate ERM. At OnPoint, we are specifically equipped and intent toward dynamically providing solutions that fit your unique needs and goals.


    OnPoint has developed proprietary enterprise risk management methodologies based on decades of hands-on financial industry experience that has been proven to accelerate results.

    OnPoint retains strategic relationships with regulators, technology providers and trade groups and has excellent client relationships and references.

    With high-performing consultant specialists positioned in the largest markets around the US, OnPoint’s Digital Enterprise allows for the kind of native delivery that ensures a high-touch collaboration effort.

"OnPoint's ERM program provided, not just a forward view... an exceptional forward view to our risk exposure."

- Chief Risk Officer, $6B regional bank

Selected Projects


Privately owned emerging regional bank with significant rural market presence as well as emerging presence in a high growth urban market


After experiencing the impacts of the 2008 Financial Crisis, the Bank, then at $2B in assets, needed a better way to assess and monitor their credit risks in this new environment of high competition and global economic stresses. The Bank is focused on maintaining their localized community focused business model which drives their highly profitable results. Thus, the Bank recognized that their growth objectives and planned market segment expansion strategies require greater visibility to their risk exposure.


OnPoint engagement began with our unique INREVAS process which provided the Bank’s leadership team with a risk adjusted assessment of their current state of risk management processes across the enterprise along with a roadmap of risk management process improvement opportunities that would increase stakeholder value. A series of projects followed, that focus on both credit risk management enhancements as well as ERM implementation:

  • Dual Credit Risk Rating
  • Allowance for Credit Losses
  • Enterprise Risk Management Program Complete (governance, process level risk & control ratings from the front line)
  • Internal Audit Program integrated to ERM
  • Compliance Program integrated to ERM


Our Client, now closing in on $7B in assets, is well poised to better anticipate changes in a fluctuating marketplace. They have already managed similar hurdles that have caused stresses under their previous risk programs. They have reported that they are now able to focus extra resources and energy toward growth and expansion.


    A publicly traded bank holding company with $8 billion in assets operating three entities: a regional bank, a national mortgage company and a local investments firm.


    The holding company’s entities all operated independently. Facing unique strategic plans and risk environments, each needed Enhanced Risk Management programs that could integrate and translate effectively to the enterprise. Each had specific growth opportunities, timelines, financial objectives, regulatory oversight needs and business cultures. In addition, because of significant regulatory constraints, they were unable to move forward with their plans for growth. There was a clear need for an enterprise-wide visibility to risk, and alignment of risk appetite.

    It became imperative that risk vocabulary, rating and risk-adjusted decision-making was also needed. Changing this risk culture would be the only way forward to enable their growth strategy and expand opportunities.


    OnPoint developed a program enhancement plan providing a road map and guide for the implementation of Enterprise Risk Management across all entities aligned to the three lines of defense framework. The engagement included the following:

    • Review and implementation of the eGRC System
    • Focused delivery of integrated Technology Governance and Risk Management
    • A comprehensive Credit Risk Management program with a Dual Credit Risk Rating program and a Credit Stress-testing program
    • Integration of Enterprise Compliance Risk Management including eGRC integration
    • Comprehensive internal audit program including eGRC integration


    As a result of these Risk Management enhancements, the organization had received the necessary go-ahead from the regulators to grow – both organically, and through acquisition – to $13 billion in assets while enhancing risk-adjusted returns within each entity. They are now able to see, review and discuss risk profiles and return tradeoffs between business activities, entities and strategies.


      Privately owned 40-year-old regional community bank with $2 billion in assets. This Bank has dominated its local market presence, providing local banking to their communities.


      After facing a significant amount of credit losses and impacts to capital, the Bank shifted senior management leadership and successfully focused on cleaning up its significant credit problem assets. Wanting to chart a new culture to grow through acquisitions and organic growth, the Bank was seeking assistance on how to improve their Credit Risk Management while maintaining their local community banking culture and avoid repeating the errors that caused the losses.

      As their market growth was expanding into the more competitive urban areas, the Bank’s leadership team needed better risk information intelligence to select business opportunities that provide the best fit for mutual success.


      OnPoint initially focused on Credit Risk Management, delivering a Dual Credit Risk Rating program, Enhanced Allowance of Credit Losses, and Credit Risk Stress-testing. OnPoint then provided enhancement of Risk Management overall, which included:

      • Development and implementation of comprehensive ERM
      • Internal Audit program
      • Compliance program
      • Operational Risk Management Framework
      • Mortgage Banking Risk Management program


      With the implementation of OnPoint’s 3 lines of Defense, the Bank now has a framework that allows front-line Process Owners, Independent Risk Management and Independent Risk Assessment to provide visibility on all necessary financial risk categories. The insight and control provided by these programs has transformed their risk culture and now provides risk insight on a continuous basis, empowering risk-adjusted targeted growth and profitability.

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