Webinars and Mini-Webcasts

What is Finance. Risk. Unified. – Webcast – 16:30

What is Finance. Risk. Unified.? FRU provides the tools for any bank to compete against the most sophisticated banks in the world.

ERM, ECM and CECL – Webcast – 23:22

How FRU can help your bank limit credit loss by integrating risk and financial data.

Credit Risk Scorecards – Webcast – 8:18

Learn how implementing a Credit Risk Scorecard can help your bank avoid credit losses.

5 Ways to Modernize Your Banks Finance Department – Mini-webcast – 4:21

Find out 5 ways to modernize your banks finance division.

7 Key Elements Needed to Integrate Your Financial and Risk Strategy – Mini-Webcast – 8:06

Learn how integrating your finance and risk data can create strategic opportunities for your bank.


5 Critical Tools for a Bank’s Budgeting Process – Mini-Webcast – 4:05

Explore how your budgeting process can focus more on analysis and less on creation.

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